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disaster just keeps growinge latest from the hurricane- oast. the cleanup has barely begun. the scope of the disaster just keeps growing. the latest from the hurricane-ravaged east coast >> they stole his wallet and phone. how a bay area police force hopes to track down the man who shot a dog. >> they claimed on muni shelters, crowded streets, just to remind themselves that, yes, this really did happen! one last giant thank you! ettable season ends... it suddenly feels a lot like winter.... rain is falling in the bay area ton. you're looking at some video aul deanno >> as an unforgettable season end, it feels a lot like winter! rain is falling in the bay area tonight. paul joins us with what we're seeing out there right now. >> rain continues, moving slowly to the south. some in the south bay have yet to see a drop. those in marin and sonoma
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have dealt with rain for the past four hours. fairfield, vallejo, novato, petaluma, all soggy. almost down to dublin, pleasanton, and livermore, and the showers have not made it to sunnyvale, san jose. everything moving from the north to the south. we'll talk more coming up. cities and towns along the atlantic coast continue to dry out and take stock in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> in new york, the sun finally came out today and public transit sputtered back to life. the biggest challenge right now is pump th flood water out of -- pumping the flood water out of tunnels. >> i instituted a 15 minute rule on my team. you return everybody's phone calls in 15
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minutes. whether it's the mayor's, the governor's, county official, if they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. >> and the amazing numbers are coming in as well. six million people in 13 states still without power tonight. 68 deaths blamed on the storm. and insurance companies say they've got more than 30,000 claims already. on long beach island in new jersey, homes built on the water are in shambles. and the dunes built to protect the houses ended up in the streets. boats were scattered like bath toys on the harbors. the rebuilding will not happen overnight. >> it's just a cleanup now. it's going to take -- my estimation is about two years to get the island back in shape. >> in ocean beach, new jersey, many of the homes will have to be torn down. in other spots, neighbors and search crews waded into the water to look for people stranded in their homes.
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pleasantville, new jersey, is in shambles. it was pounded by 70-mile an hour winds, and a tidal surge that ripped homes apart. most of the water has receded tonight. >> when i left, everything was in tact. when i came back yesterday morning -- [ crying ] >> she lost everything she had. she says that she wants to rebuild, but her daughter says that's a long shot. >> as for the new york city subway, you are looking at the hardest hit of all 468 stations. joe leader oversees maintenance >> we had barricaded up top with wood plywood and sand bags to keep the water out. when the surge came, to brought down all this material that doesn't
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belong here. large pieces of lumber, and that broke through the barrier, and allowed more water to come in. >> as much as the water's gone down, we're still two levels worth of water till we get to the tracks? >> absolutely. >> it will take a week alone just to pump out the water. but the subway system will be in partial service tomorrow. in manhattan, grand central terminal reopened after its longest closure ever in its 100 year history. then there are those who are still just trying to get back home from the east coast. mark sayer talked with some passengers. >> reporter: a united flight from new york was one of the first to arrive in the bay area >> it was pretty hellish. >> reporter: stranded travelers like richard titus say the past few days have been quite stressful. >> i was staying at a hotel, they took good care of us until the power went out. no cellphones, you couldn't call
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anyone, it was crazy. >> it was terrifying. when you have a niece who works on wall street, takes the ferry, there's no dock anymore. you see the roofs of trees everywhere. houses floating away. >> reporter: while kennedy and newark airports resumed today, la guardia remains closed. >> i was supposed to come home sunday night. and they canceled my flight. this was the first i could get on >> when you landed in the bay area tonight, how did that feel? >> good. good to be home. >> and outbound flights are once again departing from here. it was a house made infamous by jersey shore. joe vasquez gives us the situation. >> reporter: emergency
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responders are still evacuating folk s. s. you know, snooki, and the situation, and all their friends. they spent several summers on tv here. sandy took out much. the community. the ferris wheel and many of the businesses and homes were wiped out. but the house that snooki built, the police chief says it is still standing. >> it doesn't really matter much to the people from down here. it puts you into a tough spot. >> reporter: police are not letting anyone in except for emergency personnel and work crews. and it could be friday before residents can get a firsthand look at their property. until then, much of the jersey shore is living its own nightmarish reality show, pick up the mess from sandy. congratulations, san francisco! [ cheering and applause ] >> we couldn't have done it without you guys.
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>> there's one simple thing that happened with this team that hasn't been talked about enough. and it was sacrifice. >> some thoughts from a couple of the world champion san francisco giants today on the huge celebration not only for the players but the fans as well. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that it was exactly one week ago tonight that it was game 1 of the world series. of course we know how it all ended. but who would have thought that seven days later, we'd be here celebrating a parade? a championship parade! and boy, does san francisco know how to give a party! [ cheering and applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: a million fans and their heroes! >> it's great to contribute and be a part of something so special. >> we are so, so fortune to have these fans. they're the best. >> i still can't believe it. >> reporter: no one wants to wake up from their dream season
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>> it's something that we'll never forget. >> reporter: there was the wild sergio romo. >> he's running away! >> reporter: and there was a bungle at the start. fans watched helplessly as the parade started 2 blocks up. after waiting for hours, they got nothing >> come on! >> the guys can do better than that! >> reporter: the giants noticed, a quick maneuver saved the day. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the party really got going when the boys hit city hall. >> laemg, this is how we -- ladies and gentlemen this, is how we get pumped up! >> [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: well, the party is over, and all that's left now is
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cleanup and biodegradable confetti! >> that is a lot left by a million people who attended the festivities today. all cleaned up now. but one more thing fans did, they pushed up bart ridership to an all-time high. that smashed the previous record set two years ago for the other giants championship! suspect in the vandalism ofa the san francisco police are thanking social media for leading them to the suspect in a vandalism of a muni bus, and now they're hoping that the public can find the two people they say torched it. the first suspect is known tossing something on fire into the front of the bus. and moments later, another suspect does the same thing.
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sfrap's police chief -- san francisco's police chief says they want these art nists. >> -- arsonists. >> we will seek them, arrest them, they will be prosecuted. >> once the suspects are tried and convicted, they can also expect to pay the cost of replacing that bus. the latest shooting, a seemingly unlikely victim. >> he took out his gun and aimed at my dog's head and took a shot at my dog. >> an update on coffee, and the thieves who shot a dog. >> i went there, i was knocked down, confronted the people, they left, i left. >> and the bay area's largest city, it has come to this what. new video does or does not tell us over the fix-it costs over some san jose campaign signs. >> and new york city, and the men who had a job to do in the middle of the storm.
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a stik up on an oak -- stick-up on an oakland street is bad enough, but then the thugs turned on the victim's dog. cbs 5 reporter christian airz how the dog is doing tonight. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend were taking his rot wierl mix for a stroll -- rottweiler mix for a stroll. >> one person pointed a gun at my neck and asked me to empty my
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pockets. i tried to, and my dog started to growl. >> reporter: it took only seconds for them to rip off his cellphone and wallet, but coffee followed them. >> he took out his gun and aimed at my dog's head and took a shot at my dog. he went right down and started whining and screaming. >> reporter: by the time police arrived, the dog was no longer whining. >> he was breathing a lot, coughing up blood. >> reporter: his eyes shut, his body weak. >> i said you want to go for a walk, and he got up and stood up and tried to look out the window. >> reporter: coffee was lucky that the bullet went in just below his eye and trailed all the way down to his jaw line where it came to rest. if the bullet had gone in 2 inches higher, it would have pierced his brain. >> his injury should heal up in the next eight weeks.
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>> reporter: they removed part of the bullet, though he may never see again, it's a battle wound he can accept. >> the thieves used his card at two gagdzs in oakland. he is hoping -- gas stations in oakland. he is hoping they were caught on surveillance cameras. a followup on a race turn uponed physical. a trap to catch a campaign sign thief snares a rival candidate's husband. >> we were trying to show the dirty tactics that are happening in this campaign. >> reporter: san jose political consultant dustin admits he was the man behind the camera on this video. >> who the -- are you?
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>> reporter: but he says he did not assault anyone and has the video and audio proof. >> nothing ever happened to him. no one touched him. and he in fact was the one that was the aggressor. >> i'm certain they're going to say whatever they need to say to support what they're doing. >> reporter: matt is the man in the video and the husband of city council member rose herrera locked in a bitter battle against challenger, jimmy nguyen. he became the target after supporters found several of his yard signs cut up and placed in a trash can at a local park. walen admits he through signs away, but only ones that had been illegally placed in public places or his own yard. he showed scars and scrapes he claimed came from being pushed to the ground by derollo. >> i went there, i was knocked down, i confronted the people, they left, i left.
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>> reporter: today, derollo released 4 minutes of video he shot that he says proved he is lying. >> we have proof that the attack he says happened never happened. >> reporter: the video shows darkness and sounds of distant cars and no assault. >> i'm certain if i had my own video camera there, it would show what i wanted it to show. >> reporter: he works on contract for the police union who is trying to unseat herrera because of her support of pension reform. taking a toll on the younget americans. "i'm tired of bronco bamma d mitt romney. (that's why yoe crying? it will be over soo, abby. okay? the election w this is four year it seems that never-ending political ads in swing states are taking a toll on the youngest americans >> i'm tired -- i'm tired of bronco-bama is romney >> that's why you're crying? oh, it'll be over soon, abbey. okay?
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>> the laegz will be over soon -- election will be over soon, okay? >> okay! [ crying ] >> abbey has had enough, like many americans. can you blame her? she began crying after listening to campaign coverage on npr. the radio station apologized for upsetting her. [ laughter ] the soggy weather wasn't enough to keep some kids from trick or treating. >> they went door to door collecting handfuls of candy. >> superhero! >> a lot of mario and luigis this year too. >> kids were outside, dodging some showers. it got a little soggy in the east bay.
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a couple showers out there for the month of october. concord, san francisco above rainfall wise. san jose and oakland, below. not much yellow or orange on your screen. doppler is showing a lot of light to moderate rainfall throughout the bay area. one spot is still not receiving any rainfall, palo alto. campbell, plenty of rain so far along highway 101 north of the golden gate. here's the catalyst for it, a big area of low pressure move into central and worse than oregon. as that slides through, it'll drag a front all the way through northern california. that's why we're seeing the rain outside right now. and we will continue to see rain until about sunrise tomorrow. behind that, high pressure quickly builds in. it will be pretty soggy for the
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morning commute. high pressure building in tomorrow, sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. and this area of high pressure is just going to get bigger and stronger and give us five or six straight sunny days. we get through the rain tonight, we're going to be dry for several thereafter. upper 60s for highs tomorrow. san jose 67, sunnyvale 68. pittsburgh 68, san ramon , danville, upper 60s close to 70. and mill valley tomorrow 68 degrees. it's all about the sunshine after tomorrow morning. friday sunny saturday sun esunday sunny -- sunny, sunday sunny. what wearing too much makeup really does to a woman. and we're not just talking ab and coming up, what wearing too much makeup really does to a
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makeup. the early health problems it can trigger.
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that crane - dangling over manhattan. cbs news reporter john miller introds us to the two men who had to up t give that craven that was dangling -- crane that was dangling over manhattan, the two guys who had to go up there mid-storm and give it a once over. the boom of the >> reporter: during the storm that snapped the boom off the crane with winds gusting through the construction site and swinging the boom back and forth, two new york city buildings department engineers had to get to the top and answer the question: would the boom hold or come crashing down isn't only way up was the stairs. >> i've never heard as loud a wind howling in my life. as we got to the 48th floor and there was so much pressure to open the door. we get into the hallway,
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and you could almost get plucked right now. >> reporter: they had to check each of the structural braces that held the tower with the crane to the side of the building. >> we were concerned about the upper most tie. if that tie had failed, that means the mass could fall. that thousand-foot mass. >> reporter: if the climb up was perilous, it was nothing compared to when they got out on the roof. >> you are tied to a rope. but you're trying to get as close to the edge of the roof, where any normal person would not want to be >> i'm looking for information. and i know i'm tied off. once you know that you're tethered, i'm okay with that. you start looking around and doing real work. but it does make your heart beat. >> john miller reporting. they say they don't consider themselves heroes.
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just guys who had a job to do. it happened to be during the storm of the century. one season ends and another begins.
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only thing missing was pen. " " his pen came in handy...cury the only thing missing? signed his deal today, but n i texted him on the way home, if you need to borrow an extra pen, i got an extra pen for him. i'd love to have him for as many years as we can. >> he shot 2-14 in his opening
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game in phoenix. bothin had 8 points on 18 limited minutes. they called landry out of the hoop for the dunk, warriors down 1, with 3 minutes left. curby with just 5 points. landry was the difference in the court. quarter alone... curry witha chance to put the game awayt the line... he misses both e throws and the suns with one final chance... sebastian telfair doesn't get it off n time.. the warriros wi >> he had a chance to put it away at the line but misses both free throws. they can win, but they did not get it in in time. the warriors escaped 87-85. they are 1-0. >> maybe david stern can do something about the incessant flopping and traveling going on.
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